Freya Gulamali

Freya Gulamali is a member of the Class of 2025 at Duke University from Bellevue, Washington. She is majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Health Policy. At Duke, Freya serves as the co-chair of Campus Engagement for the Student Collaborative on Health Policy and works as a research analyst with Dr. Mark Sendak at the Duke Institute for Health Innovation. Her research interests lie at the intersection of health policy and AI, particularly with respect to the capability of machine learning to improve efficiencies in the healthcare system and augment physician capabilities. In recent years, the number of machine learning models developed to solve issues in healthcare have skyrocketed. However, very few have been implemented successfully in real world settings. Understanding the concerns of numerous stakeholders—from patients to regulators, insurers, and physicians—will ensure that the models designed to fill gaps within our current healthcare system work for everyone. Ultimately, Freya hopes to pursue an MD/MBA, translating policy into practice to serve patients and promote health equity. Through the Margolis Scholars Program, Freya is looking forward to connecting with others to learn more about how payment models and AI tools can both play a role in healthcare reform.