how we came together

HAIP curates best practices that enable the safe, effective, and equitable use of AI in health care. Our collaborators from across the United States inform and shape our pragmatic and contemporary best practices. We combine design and qualitative research with a deep understanding of our audience to ensure that HAIP products and services address the real needs of health care delivery leaders.


HAIP includes 10 healthcare organizations and 4 ecosystem partners in the US, including:

surfacing key decision points

Between April 2022 and January 2023, we conducted in-depth interviews with 89 professionals in health care and related fields. This work surfaced the current and aspirational state of AI adoption in health care delivery. Seventy interviewees had clinical, technical, operational, or regulatory roles within health care delivery organizations. Nineteen interviewees were key informants outside collaborating health care delivery organizations with expertise in bias, ethics, community engagement, organizational behavior, regulation, and credentialing. Key informants were recruited to capture perspectives that were poorly represented by health care delivery setting participants. The interviews were analyzed to surface requirements for safe, effective, and equitable AI use.

While conducting interviews, we completed a 6-week design sprint with This collaboration built the scaffolding for products and services that health care leaders can immediately put into practice. The design sprint surfaced the urgent need for a shared and objective guideline for AI adoption and the need for community among health care delivery leaders. An initial prototype was built, structured around mock key decision points.

HAIP content brings together findings from design research and interviews to provide health care leaders a comprehensive, pragmatic source of guidance to help navigate decisions.