Corinne Stroum

Corinne Stroum is Director of Consumer Experience and Insights at SCAN Health Plan.  She leads cross-functional teams to improve the experiences of older adults.  She is the Product Owner for Voice of the Consumer, where SCAN use Member Insights to inform its business strategy. The team’s activities range from engaging members through surveys or focus groups to using its homegrown natural language processing (NLP) pipeline to identify trends in Member Call Center data.  These inputs set the stage for improvements in service, often redesign of Moments that Matter in the member journey.  The team maintains high member satisfaction scores by using predictive models for Retention and Member Experience to ensure that members receive proactive outreach to avoid undesirable experiences.

Corinne leads SCAN’s Emerging Tech Workgroup, which focuses on employee education through training on Responsible AI.  The team operates a playbook for adoption of AI from business case to Change Management, with an emphasis on transparency in development and oversight.

Corinne studied Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis and obtained her MS in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management at Carnegie Mellon University. She participated in healthcare delivery as a clinical technician for intra-aortic balloon pumps, as a vascular researcher, as a systems validation engineer for a PET/CT scanner, and as a repairperson for medical imaging accessories.

She moved to the Pacific Northwest for a role with Microsoft, and has spent a decade working for healthcare analytics and machine learning product companies.  She is also an Extension Lecturer at the University of Washington, where she teaches Methods & Applications of Healthcare Analytics.