Christopher Khoury

Christopher Khoury is vice president of strategic insights at the American Medical Association (AMA). The unit comprises a diverse team of researchers, analysts, and business professionals focused on assessing and interacting with emerging elements across health care, technology, and policy sectors.

He has worked in the healthcare sector for over 22 years. Prior to joining AMA, he was senior manager at PwC’s Health Research Institute, where he provided strategic guidance and perspective to clients on biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, health policy, and consumer issues. He began his career in medical device R&D and product development, and subsequently in health data analytics at an academic medical center.

Christopher received his MBA from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business magna cum laude. He also holds BS/MS from University of Illinois in electrical engineering and MS in biomedical engineering from University of Wisconsin.

Christopher is the author of several publications and a frequent presenter on business issues across healthcare. He serves on multiple advisory boards including Northwestern University’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, American Board of Medical Specialties, and University of Illinois’ Health Technology program.

He is based in Washington DC alongside his spouse and two children.