Florence and the Machine: the Crucial Role of Nurse Expertise in the Design of AI for Health


Florence and the Machine: the Crucial Role of Nurse Expertise in the Design of AI for Health

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Ann Wieben, PhD, RN, NI-BC. As a Clinical Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Trainee at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing, Dr. Wieben has almost a decade of experience in nursing informatics, a field where technology meets compassionate care. Her journey in healthcare spans over twelve years as a dedicated nurse for UW Health, with eight impactful years in nursing and research informatics roles. Dr. Wieben’s commitment to her profession is evident through her board certification in nursing informatics from the American Nurses Credentialing Center and her attainment of Epic Research and Clinical Informatics certifications. In 2024, Dr. Wieben was honored as an Alliance for Nursing Informatics Emerging Leader, a testament to her visionary work and growing influence in the field. 

Her program of research aims to augment the capabilities of nurses and health professionals, enabling them to harness information, gain knowledge, and practice with wisdom to improve patient and community outcomes. Dr. Wieben employs mixed methods to examine decision support systems’ design, integration, and adoption in healthcare settings, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence-driven tools.

Session Description
In a healthcare landscape where nearly 4.7 million registered nurses are the foundation of patient care in the U.S., these professionals are integral to the creation of AI tools that serve the needs of clinicians and patients. Dr. Wieben’s presentation will delve into the findings of two research studies that explore the role of AI in nursing practice.  The first study offers a window into the perceptions of nurses regarding the design, development, implementation, and adoption of Machine Learning-driven clinical decision support. The qualitative insights gleaned from this study illuminate the nuanced perspectives of nursing professionals in the realm of AI.  The second study examines the interplay between Machine Learning explanation display features, nurse characteristics, and nurse satisfaction