NIST Framework

Mapping NIST’s framework requirements on the HAIP Guides

Characteristics of trustworthy AIRequirementHAIP Guides
Safe Protection of human life, health, property, or the environment from being endangered. Evaluate AI product safety prior to deployment

Test safety and security

Identify and mitigate risks

Prevent inappropriate use of the AI product

Monitor AI performance
Secure/ resilientAbility to withstand unexpected adverse events or unexpected changes in their environment or useTest safety and security

Prevent inappropriate use of the AI product

Determine if updating or decommissioning is necessary

Minimize disruptions from decommissioning
Explainable and interpretableRepresentation of the mechanisms underlying AI systems’ operation

Meaning of AI systems’ output in the context of their designed functional purposes
Disseminate information to clinical end-users

Establish training on how to interpret AI-generated recommendations
Privacy-enhancedHuman autonomy, identity, and dignity are safeguarded against intrusion or disclosure of facets of people’s identities.Understand which regulatory schemes apply to the AI product

Assess legal risks, including privacy laws
Fair and manage biasConcerns for equality and equity are addressed by mitigating issues such as harmful bias and discrimination.Address bias at initial stages in problem prioritization

Include ethics experts
Assess ethics and equity of outside products

Define performance targets

Perform a risk analysis with attention to sources of harm

Monitor biases and ethical concerns

Monitor bias from data shifts and product use
Accountable and transparentThe extent to which information about an AI system and its outputs is available to individuals interacting with such a system.

The extent to which responsibility for aspects of AI systems are clearly identified.
Audit investment decisions

Share performance metrics with all stakeholders to ensure transparent communication

Disseminate information to clinician end-users

Audit AI solutions and the work environment

Disseminate information about updates to clinician end-users
Valid and reliableConfirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use or application have been fulfilled.

The AI system can perform as required, without failure, for a given time interval, under given conditions.
Local validation

Sustain improved outcomes

Evaluate expansion to new settings

Minimize disruptions from decommissioning an Al product